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Welcome to South Bend First Church of the Nazarene

Our mission is to gather, prepare, and send disciples of Jesus


At South Bend First Nazarene, we acknowledge that all of us are on a journey-a journey of discovering why we exist and our purpose in life. We believe those two fundamental questions find their answer in the Bible and in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We also recognize that people are at a variety of stages on that journey of discovery-from those with very little, if any, knowledge and experience of a relationship with God, to those who have lived a lifetime of joy knowing Him. All are invited to come and experience God’s love and grow in their faith. In the Bible (John chapter 1), we read of a man named Philip who had been invited by Jesus to follow Him, and he did. With a heart newly warmed by the love of Christ, Philip then invited his friend Nathanael to meet Jesus himself. At first Nathanael expressed doubt, but Philip pressed him to just “come and see.” And he did, and as a result, Nathanael also became a follower of Jesus.

Jesus offers each of us the invitation to follow Him-regardless of who we are or where we’ve been or what we’ve done. Because of this we welcome people of all different backgrounds and understanding to “come and see” what a relationship with God through Jesus looks like-to discover why we are here and what is our purpose in life. In essence, it’s an opportunity to belong before you believe. Eventually you may discover that you belong because you believe.

We would like to invite you, regardless of your current faith or beliefs, to “come and see” what life through Jesus Christ is all about.



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