Worship like a Hebrew!

In Pastor Andy’s sermon on Sunday July 31, 2020, he went through a list of Hebrew words representing different acts of worship performed in Biblical times. See the excerpt of the message here.

Below is the list of words From the JustWorship website that he presented.

Barak to kneel or bow, to give reverence to God as an act of adoration, implies a continual conscious giving place to God, to be atuned to him and his presence
Psalms 34:1, Psalms 100:4, Psalms 95:6

Guwl to spin around, under the influence of any violent emotion
Psalms 32:11, Psalms 35:9, Psalms 118:24

Hallal to praise, to make a show or rave about, to glory in or boast upon, to be clamorously foolish about your adoration of God
Psalms 22:23, Psalms 44:8, Psalms 63:5

Ranan to creak, to emit a stridulous sound, to shout aloud for joy
Psalms 7:17, Psalms 33:1, Psalms 98:4

Shachah to depress or prostrate in homage or loyalty to God, bow down, fall down flat
Psalms 29:2, Psalms 66:4, Psalms 95:6

Shuwr strolling minstrelsy, to sing, singer (man or woman)
Psalms 18:49, Psalms 33:3,Psalms 144:9

Tehillah to sing hallal, a new song, a hymn of spontaneous praise glorifying God in song
Psalms 34:1, Psalms 40:3, Psalms 149:1

Todah an extension of the hand, avowal, adoration, a choir of worshipers, confession, sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving
Psalms 50:14, Psalms 69:30, Psalms 100:4

Yadah to use, hold out the hand, to throw (a stone or arrow) at or away, to revere or worship (with extended hands, praise thankful, thanksgiving)
Psalms 33:2, Psalms 61:8, Psalms 18:49

Zamar to touch the strings or parts of a musical instrument i.e. play upon it, to make music accompanied by the voice, to celebrate in song and music, give praise, sing forth praises, psalms
Psalms 66:2, Psalms 71:22, Psalms 144:9

Alats to jump for joy, exult, be joyful, rejoice, triumph
Psalms 5:11, Psalms 9:2, Psalms 68:3