Over the past several years we have amassed quite a collection of videos on our YouTube channel. The collection is made up of recordings of sermons, worship music sets, individual song videos from the Worship Arts team, as well as holiday, special event, and other videos.

We’re in the process of getting all the videos grouped together into YouTube playlists, which are grouped together by the types of videos (sermons, worship music, etc).

Please click the tabs below to select a playlist, then click the link to visit the selected YouTube playlist.

SermonsWorship MusicChristmas & EasterIndividual SongsSpecial Events
The Sermons playlist contains a link to every sermon we’ve posted to YouTube, beginning with the most recent message, all the way back to the first one we posted in March of 2020.

Visit the Sermons Playlist

The Worship Music playlist contains a link to the worship music sets we record each Sunday. The list is in descending date order, with the newest video listed first.

Visit the Worship Music Playlist

The Christmas & Easter Playlist contains a variety of videos including individual songs, childrens & youth programs, and messages from Christmas and Easter services.

Visit the Christmas & Easter Playlist

The Songs Playlist contains videos of individual worship songs that the Worship Arts team have played. We use these primarily for review so that we can listen to how we’ve played particular songs in the past.

Visit the Songs Playlist

The Special Events Playlist contains a collection of special events videos such as Youth Sunday, new members, baby dedications, etc, as well as extras that were used in other services. It’s an eclectic list, with a variety of interesting videos to watch.

Visit the Special Events & Extras Playlist