Saturday March 21, 2020

Saturday March 21, 2020


Dear SBFN Family,

Just a quick update to remind you that our church will gather here on Sundays instead of at our building. Remember, we are the church wherever we are. You will find a sermon each week that you can listen to or watch.

You can also find a new daily devotional here written by one of our pastors that you can use to help you as you follow Jesus each day. Look for the Daily Devotional button at the top of the home page.

You can also participate in worship by tithing online from this website (it leads to a secure online giving platform called Subsplash) or mailing your tithe to the church office.

I look forward to worshiping with you all each Sunday as we continue to grow together by God’s Spirit even while we’re physically apart.

Following Jesus with you,
Pastor Andy