Pastor Rebekah

Rebekah Gilbert has been serving in music ministries for most of her life, starting at age 12 when she played the piano in her family’s tiny, country church. From that time on, the Lord has grown in her a love for service and people. In 2021, Rebekah felt a call by God to dedicate her life to ministry, and she is currently taking classes in pursuit of ordination as “Deacon” in the Church of the Nazarene.

Jesus is Rebekah’s first love, but her husband, Jim, is her best friend, and her children “make her heart happy every day,” as she often says. When Rebekah isn’t working on ministry tasks, she can likely be found home-educating her kids or teaching children and teens in her community. Trying new recipes at home, hosting fun dinners and game nights, and bundling up on the couch with her family will always bring her a smile. Above all, Rebekah loves the Lord, and she hopes and prays that she will see YOU in heaven!